Fred DeFalco: Solution Coach and Success Partner​

50 years & $50 Million of Valuable Experience 

Transformation & Resolution coaching and programs for your life, world, business, life’s work, enterprises, marriage, family, real estate, wealth, and health.

Answers & Solutions abound when working with a master who has been there and walks with you! Fred is more than just a coach and consultant; he becomes your personal success partner in all areas of your life. 

Since he was 18 years old, Fred DeFalco has spent 50 years letting truth (the whole truth & nothing but the truth) master him in his life and business while on his winding path to fame and fortune; the truth was perfecting DeFalco’s 1990 dissertation and manuscript, “Success: The Artful Management of Failures & Setbacks,” along the way. He was constantly enlisted by life and those he served in his many businesses to become their life coach, business coach, consultant, turnaround specialist, and guru. DeFalco works miracles he has performed for himself and for others in their life, personally and professionally.

DeFalco strategizes and develops solutions for turnarounds, makeovers, and resolutions for all areas of business and the business of life. Beyond his roles as guru and coach, DeFalco serves as a lifelong partner in the success of those he coaches. He assists leaders in managing their lives, businesses, corporations, relationships, crises, and circumstances. His clients achieve peace of mind, true purpose, and internal fulfillment—regardless of their current personal or business external circumstances and conditions. He knows first-hand how lonely it can be starting, building, and running business enterprises, organizations, and life, and to get to the top and find there is another mountain you must climb; he accompanies his clients in all their mountain climbing.

DeFalco creates miracles for his clients’ by removing their blinders and self-imposed limitations by eradicating their mental cancer—mysterious cancer that destroys peace, resolutions, solutions, relationships, health, families, careers, businesses, corporations, and society. He assists the elite, successful, and influential in their business and personal lives, creating a self-revolution by helping each of his clients discover and sync with their highest professional and highest spiritual calling. DeFalco helps his clients bring both callings into harmony with divine intelligence and divine integrity, which works for them and in them—not against them, as many leaders often feel.

DeFalco surprisingly began his life and business journey as a juvenile criminal from ages 11 to 15; he sailed four of the seven seas as a merchant seaman for three years before marrying Dorothy, a 23-year-old stripper, in 1972. At the age of 18, he took a job as a garbageman to support Dorothy so that she could escape from her society-forced stripper lifestyle and finally get custody of her five-year-old daughter, Donna, who was in foster care for four years. DeFalco adopted Donna one year later when he had enough money to do so. Six years together and three of their own children later, DeFalco had made his way from menial work and a menial life to the top of many mountains, including corporate ladders in multiple locations, and had become a multimillionaire through his entrepreneurial pursuits after his corporate successes. However, despite succeeding at high levels in all areas of life, DeFalco’s failure to find his life’s true why and worldview left him secretly feeling empty inside—as he describes, having it all but “on a treadmill to… where?”.

With all his success in corporate America, business, and pursuits as a master practitioner of personal development, philosophy, psychology, and religion, DeFalco never found his life’s truth compass, peace of heart, peace of mind, or worldview. After 30 years of volunteering in prisons (where some inmates, including his own brother, were on death row), working with the very wealthy from all over the world, flying on private jets of billionaires, and suffering the loss of friends and family members by suicide, DeFalco always searched for truth. Though he kept demanding truth from life by asking, “What’s it all about?” the more experts he encountered, studied, and engaged with, only created more doubts in him when he realized most experts had never truly experienced their own peace of heart, peace of mind, nor had solid answers on the why’s in life.

In 2017, DeFalco found that success, faith, and mindset alone had not been enough to get him through the fire of the personal hell he had experienced throughout the five years prior: a hell of losing his multimillion-dollar wealth to a hedge fund’s hostile corporate takeover, losing his 40-year marriage to Dorothy, and losing his 36-year-old daughter (to H1N1 and pneumonia). DeFalco realized then that his very well-groomed and famous take-charge optimistic attitude, mindset, faith, and the BS (belief systems) of his ineffective religion would not save him. In fact, it was just the opposite—all these elements played tricks on his mind and contributed to all his losses. As had other family members and friends, he almost lost the battle for truth and considered ending his life either by a chosen destructive lifestyle or suicide. However, he emerged from the ashes like a phoenix and became a victor and not a victim, developing halos from the hurts and stars from the scars. He finally discovered the cause of and the cure for mental cancer that most humans live with, and die with, especially the highly successful.

With a new type of empowerment, a life well-spent and vested in self-improvement, and a commitment to truth in its entirety, DeFalco found a perfect love and power within himself that he had never experienced or known was possible. This new, perfect love led him to a new lover: his ex-wife Dorothy, the wife of his youth. This came after his opportunity and experience to lead and participate in Dorothy’s miraculous healing and rescue from hospice, where she had been sent to her deathbed on September 28, 2022. DeFalco had spent 17 hours at Dorothy’s side flushing her body with fluids, her soul with love, when the doctor walked in at 10:00 AM on the next morning of September 29 (Fred’s 69th birthday), he looked at Dorothy’s record of the previous 17 hours, and said to them, “What are you doing here?” Fred took Dorothy home, and you can now hear them both saying and singing, “We’ve only just begun.”

As DeFalco says, “Miracles and healing in business and life are not for the timid or weak; they come only to all who truly seek.”  Only the truth sets us free, but it makes us miserable first. Without misery, miracles are not possible. Such miracles do not come to those seeking answers and knowledge, but to those seeking to see, see the truth, vision, a life of purpose, true to themselves and their own creations, and a willingness to answer that inner voice within them that is always crying out, there must be more to this, ME & MY (life, world, business, life’s work, enterprise, marriage, family, real estate, wealth, health) while on my human journey.    

When not creating, writing, speaking, or coaching, you will find DeFalco on his ocean-view balcony enjoying the ocean breeze or taking in the sunrise and sunset from his community’s front yard and backyard in Highland Beach, Florida, or with one of his eight grandchildren or two great-grandchildren.

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